"Be like water my friend."

                                    Bruce Lee



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A healthy relationship begins with openness and curiosity.
We start where you are. From here, you receive direct communication and succinct feedback as
we tackle your goals together — making sustainable progress and overcoming barriers as they come up. Our working relationship will be based on 

Your success helps me reach my goal to build meaningful relationships with all my clients.



I have 15 years of professional experience working hand in hand with people

ranging from 15 to  58 years of age. My work has
helped guide hundreds of adolescents, adults, and families

through setting goal and reaching their goals in Alameda

As a Life Coach I hold a master's degree in Social Work with an emphasis
on Mental Health from California State University, East Bay. I am currently pursuing my goal to
become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) by accruing the number of hours required by
the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  I dove into the Life Coaching space 3 years ago to offer

a positive, effective and disciplined Life Coaching experience. 

Additionally,  my wife and I have home-schooled our 3 children while

they were in 3 different grades for the past 7 years.

Through the trials and tribulations of home-schooling we have developed strategies

 to have a functional and balanced home-school experience.



        Wisdom comes from struggle when you work through it in a healthy way.
I have overcome personal barriers connected to health challenges, toxic living, weight gain, marriage (16
years and still going strong!), and raising three children (currently ages 10,12, and 15).




To struggle is to be human — and I am just as human as you.
One of the my wake-up calls that had one of the biggest impacts happened when a doctor

explained that my weight and smoking habit had
severely impacted my health and behavior. I was at risk for cardiovascular disease and other health



We can’t control everything that happens but we can control how we react.
This was a deciding moment in my life. I had to choose how to react. Instead of ignoring my
doctor’s warning (easy to do), I took charge of my life and focused on applying discipline to
eating, exercising, reducing stress, and quitting smoking (hard to do). Believe me, it wasn’t fun,
fast, or easy. And it definitely wasn’t without failure.




The end is always a beginning.
I lost over 60 pounds. I reached my goal and this changed everything in my life including how I
show up for my wife, my kids, and myself. Despite what we would like to believe, this wasn’t the
end of my struggle. Life is reality, not a Hollywood movie. Meaning, it was just the beginning of
the personal work I now chose to do everyday.




Who are you and who do you want to be?
No matter how you are struggling or where you are stuck, I will help you move through it. We will
build a relationship based on trust, transparency, and accountability. We will identify your goals
and steps you need to take to reach them. Let’s work together and change your life for the best.


Due to the current Stay in Place (SIP) order

Terrek Humphreys Life Coaching will be conducting meetings by telecommunication and utilizing Google Hangout /Zoom (phone, tablet, or computer). As more restrictions begin to lift we are able to meet face to face adhering to

in-person guidelines (6', mask, sanitation, etc).  We want to continue to provide quality service to you and your family during these times. Thank you and take care. 

3220 Sacramento St. 

Ste 100

Berkeley, Ca 94702 



      Therapy is aimed at deconstructing the past to build strength and healing to support someone’s future through psychotherapy.  Life Coaching moves in the opposite direction and starts with the strengths that have helped someone survive 100% of their life.  It is essential for the Life Coaching process for someone to be emotionally available to build a working relationship with the coach. 


       Accountability and dependability are key components to a successful Life Coaching experience.  Life Coaching can improve your decision making during life transitions, personal goal setting, developing and practicing coping skills. Life coaching services for adolescents and adults are not to be utilized as a sole alternative for therapy if someone is managing major mental health barriers that negatively affects their daily living.  Life coaching can be utilized as an adjunct service to other services you may be receiving.  

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